Monster Truck

monstertruck_printed monstertruck

I was playing with a couple of toruses and a hexagonal prism, and made something that looked like an axle. So I went ahead and finished it off with a vehicle! I think it looks more truck-y than car-y, but it’s open to interpretation…

This printed fine on the Ultimaker, but I did have to enable support, which makes the under-surface somewhat rough. I also needed a decent size brim because the wheel contact points were not sufficient alone to keep the model stuck to the bed while printing.

View/Download STL on github


Bodega Cat

Perfect for your local pop-up makerspace in an old bodedga!

Perfect for your local pop-up makerspace in an old bodega!

Tonight I visited The Makery, a pop-up makerspace that has been seen regularly in NYC lately. The occasion was a 3D printing competition and mixer, sponsored by 3D Hubs.

The Makery is open for one week only at this location, which used to be a bodega on Avenue C. I noticed the absence of a bodega cat, and was told that theirs was recently stolen. So I thought what better use of Morphi than to sketch up a quick replacement bodega cat for them?! It only took a few minutes to create the model on the iPad, and the Makery’s Replicator got right to work and printed it out. We tried it with no supports, which actually worked ok, with just a couple of extraneous strands.

View/Download 3D STL file on github


pigeonpigeon print

Last night I went to an event for @foldtheflock, which involved folding a large number of origami pigeons. So, naturally, I had to try making a bird in Morphi! The wings here are another example of deforming grouped objects (here two hemispheres) using the scale sliders, to give more interesting shapes.

I didn’t originally intend to print it out, but it worked pretty well on the Ultimaker at 0.1 mm layer height. I did have to enable sparse supports, but these broke off pretty easily.

View/Download 3D STL file at github

iPad stability clip

ipadclip ipadclip2


I’m new to using tablets on a stand for extended periods, and so while using Morphi to make models, I found that I kept knocking the tablet out of the supports on the iPad case. Rather than buy a new case, I decided to use Morphi to design a widget that gives a little extra support to the tablet when in the upright position, preventing it from bouncing out of place when I jab the screen a bit too hard.

I printed it on a Printrbot Jr, at 0.2 mm layer height. My initial attempts were not quite tall enough to hold the tablet in place, but it was easy to extend the height of the whole object in Morphi by grouping all the parts together, then using the ‘Scale Z’ slider.

View/Download 3D STL file at github



From a reclining position on my sofa, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was inspired by my windowsill to make my first model in Morphi. Fun!

Making this model taught me how to use the ‘group’ feature correctly, which helps in building multi-object shapes. I’m working on making more organic-looking leaves, by subtracting from the ‘vase’ shape.

View/Download 3D STL file on github